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Sixth and Red River Software was formed to create high-quality, language-aware software development tools at a reasonable price. We are proud that all of our products have been recognized as Recommended Companion Products to IntelliJ IDEA. We leverage the amazing power of IntelliJ IDEA to realize our vision. At Sixth and Red River Software, we follow three key principles to bring you the best tools possible:

...and Verve

Commercial plugins from Sixth and Red River include:

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  • GuiceyIDEA
  • adds support for Google's Guice application container to Intellij IDEA.
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  • LockSmith
  • provides fourteen advanced concurrency refactorings for IntelliJ IDEA, making multi-threaded programming easier and safer than ever before.
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  • Refactor-J 2.0
  • extends IntelliJ IDEA with 20 powerful Java refactorings
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  • CodeDependency
  • allows easy visualization and navigation of Java class dependencies. Only available for IntelliJ 6.0.
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Open source plugins from Sixth and Red River include:

  • MetricsReloaded
  • adds code metrics and dependency cycle analysis to IntelliJ IDEA
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  • Inspection-JS
  • brings IntelliJ IDEA's code inspection capabilities to JavaScript
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Find out the latest news about Sixth and Red River software at our blog: River of Code
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Refactoring Special
Refactor-J and Refactor-X 2.0
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Analysis Special
CodeDependency and LockSmith
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What the Blogs are saying about Sixth and Red River Software...

Very cool...
Hani Suleiman

I've been completely impressed with Sixth and Red River to the point that I'm in awe of their capabilities. The innovation and quality of their software rivals or equals that of JetBrains.
Rob Harwood, on JavaLobby