With portraits, we want the photographer to capture the good side and make us look really good in our photograph. But it will take more than a good camera to accomplish this. The photographer should be skilled as well and warm enough that you feel comfortable with him or her. Communication between Miami portrait photographers and their clients is essential so that giving and taking directions will go smoothly. If you are planning to have your portrait taken, here are some tips that we can share with you.

The 2/3 Angle

You probably hate it when you look heavier in your photos. It’s has nothing to do with your weight or body. It’s actually because with pictures, you as the subject take up the space in the frame. It’s like an illusion that makes you look bigger than you actually are. To avoid this from happening, don’t face the camera fully. Do a 2/3 angle from the photographer’s lenses. It will create a much slimmer and more flattering photograph of you.

Keep Your Chin Down

Do you ever notice that you lean backward too much in your portraits? That’s okay. Many people have this instinct to do just that. The bad thing here is that your nostrils and mouth will have unnecessary exposure that doesn’t help in making a good portrait of you. Be conscious of how you hold your head during the photoshoot. Keep your chin down. Smile, relax, and just be yourself. Your photographer will guide you along the way.

Avoid Being Too Stiff

When standing in front of a camera, we may tend to just put our hands by our sides and stand there like an obedient soldier. This will make a really awkward photo of you because we don’t naturally stand like that. It’s important that you relax and try putting your hand on your hip or in your pocket. Stand like you always do. Put a bit of attitude in your pose. It will make you look more confident.

Ask the Photographer for Suggestions

If you’re not sure how to pose, you can always ask your photographer if it looks okay or not. They’d be happy to give you suggestions. The photographer might tell you to shift your weight to your back foot so that you will have a more natural pose. If you don’t quite understand the technical terms that they may say such as what is a 2/3 angle, ask them to show you so that you can follow the directions correctly. Communication is very important to get good portraits.


Are you now ready for your portrait session? If you still are in doubt, try posing in front of a mirror just so you know how certain angles will look. Also, another fun exercise is to ask a friend to take photos of you with a smartphone and check how you look. This will help you in improving the way you hold your head, how you stand, and where you ought to put your hands. By the time you’ll have your portrait taken with one of the best Miami portrait photographers, you’ll be much more confident.