Open Source License Program

Sixth and Red River Open Source Licenses are available free to non-commercial open source software development projects that meet the Open Source definition, have a dedicated web-site, and an active community. Open Source License entitles users to:

  • One year's use of Sixth and Red River Software products for non-commercial, open source software development. Annual renewals are provided on request, subject to approval
  • Access to Sixth and Red River Software products by unlimited number of concurrent open source project members
  • All applicable new Sixth and Red River Software product releases during the 1 year license period
For details, please read our license agreement for Open Source Software Development

How to Apply

To apply for this free license:
  1. Please make sure that you qualify according to the following criteria:
    • You have been working on your open source project for a minimum of 3 months.
    • Your community is active. This means that you have recent activity on your newsgroups or forums.
    • You have updated News on your site.
    • You release updated builds on a regular basis.
  2. Then e-mail and include the following details in your e-mail message:
    • The full name of your open source project
    • A hyperlink to your open source project web site
    • A hyperlink to your community forums/mail-lists
    • A hyperlink to your web site content confirming your personal participation in the project.
    • A list of languages used by the project. If approved, you will receive licenses to all Sixth and Red River Software products targeting the languages used

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